To initiate meaningful conversations with our neighbors, to challenge our misconceptions of one another and demonstrate that real relationships can flourish between Christians and Muslims while wrestling with religious disagreements.


  • Cross barriers to start real friendships that recognize both what we have in common and what we disagree on
  • Use social media to show the world that this is possible


Members from different communities will be matched together. They will...

  • Meet for tea or coffee - at least once and with openness to meeting again
  • Share the basic story of their spiritual journey with one another
  • Discuss these questions:
  1.   What is 'real religion'?
  2.   Is there space for the political within real religion?
  3.   What role does the possession of political authority play in real religion? What disagreements exist within your community on this question?
  4.   How does mutual respect fit with your religious tradition’s desire to see others converted/reverted?
  • Take a picture together, submit it to the #MyAmericaLooksLike project and post on social media to encourage others to join in.