The mission of PFMR’s New Haven Catalyst summer program is to equip 12 Muslim and  Christian young people, with the skills needed to facilitate sustainable, replicable, community-driven and community-resourced peacebuilding projects.

This pilot project will enhance community resilience and strengthen foundational structures for civil society and cultivate individual leadership skills

in conflict management, trauma healing, and community development.  

In doing so, youth will be equipped with strategies

to alternatively engage social problems that are often addressed with cultural, emotional or physical violence. 

Program Overview

Participants meet three days a week for eight weeks from 9:00am - 4:00pm.


The eight weeks are divided into four two-week modules focusing on conflict management, healing historical harms, assets-based community development, and project development. 

The first week of each module is devoted to introducing concepts and learning from relevant stakeholders and local experts. The material covered in each module will likely be  very new to most participants, and in some cases will require adoption of new principles and unlearning many of the past ways young people have dealt with conflict, historical violence, disenfranchisement, and trauma. 


The second week is devoted to exploring the local and personal applications of the material.

During the fourth and final module, students will synthesize what they have learned through designing and presenting a youth-led project proposal to address a specific community need.


A key goal of this program is to foster authentic friendships between Christian and  Muslim youth. Over eight weeks participants will establish the foundational trust and intimacy necessary to form bonds and relationships that hopefully last beyond the program’s end.

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Donate to the Catalyst Institute

Sponsor a student’s participation - $250. You will have opportunity to interact with your sponsored student, to learn about their journey and the kinds of things they do with their new experience.

Sponsor development of a Catalyst Project - $500. Youth participants will design one actionable project proposal that addresses a community-diagnosed need with community-sourced assets. The strength and feasibility of this youth-designed proposal will be assessed by participants’ peers and family, stakeholders, faith-community members, and  neighbors at a community presentation. Sponsors will be invited to that presentation.

Give $100 toward the project budget to help with operational costs like food, transportation, materials, and supplies.