Pathways Institute

The vision of the Pathways Institute is to support flourishing communities and societies by empowering leaders to strategically collaborate across religious and cultural boundaries. Pathways, in cooperation with world-class higher education institutions, gathers outstanding groups of emerging leaders from around the globe for professional and academic upgrading that infuses hands-on leadership with the insights of relevant scholarship. The unique curriculum is designed to equip leaders, scholars, and educators who hold religious and non-religious commitments to productively work alongside those with contrasting convictions. This capacity is fundamental to leadership for the common good of society and harmonious coexistence within diverse communities.

Past Institutes

The first three Pathways Institutes were held at Yale University in cooperation with the Yale Center for Faith and Culture (YCFC). In January 2013, Pathways and YCFC partnered with the Institute for Advanced Studies of Islam (IAIS) of Malaysia, the National University of Singapore and other organizations in Asia to conduct the Institute in Singapore, entitled “Faith & Society - Leadership Amidst Controversy.”  Participating leaders went on to develop multiple new projects, including publishing, public forums, training programs, and the expansion of projects into new markets.  The next institute is set to be in Malaysia in 2018, initiated and coordinated by alumni and partners in the region.


The gathered 25-35 leaders from diverse faith backgrounds come open to collaborate with others for the good of the wider society.  Research-informed lectures and discussions are combined with simulations, community engagement, and workshops to build both intellectual and social capital.  Topics center on culture and power shifts particular to the local context.

Past Lecturers

The 2013 Institute in Singapore gathered lecturers from the Southeast Asian region as well as reputed institutions in the United States.  Among them:

  • Chandra Muzaffar, Islamic Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies
  • David Johnston, University of Pennsylvania
  • John Hartley, Yale University and Pathways for Mutual Respect
  • Syed Farid Alatas, National University of Singapore
  • Malcom Tan, Baker Road Methodist Church
  • Kamar Oniah Kamaruzaman, International Islamic University

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