Stranger2Neighbor Suppers

Media depictions make relationships between evangelical Christians and Muslim refugees seem hopeless.  Public opinion polls seem to agree.  Is this the way it has to be?  


Pathways partners with evangelical churches to host Stranger2Neighbor Suppers. These dinners provide opportunity for both Muslim refugees and evangelical Christians to meet and share their own stories.

How it works

A Muslim refugee chef prepares a traditional dinner from their own culture, while a local Christian pastor hosts the chef’s family and invites 8-10 leaders from their church to join them in this traditional meal; thus, the minister’s hospitality to the refugee meets the chef’s hospitality in meal-making. As the chef and family share their stories, church leaders grow in understanding; as church leaders take time to listen and bless, the refugees experience fellowship. All arrive strangers and leave neighbors. Each guest pays $35, which provides income for the chef.


The impact doesn’t end with one dinner. We ask each hosting pastor to recruit at least one guest to host a future dinner in their home and in turn recruit one of their guests to do the same. As the chefs attend each dinner, they make friendly connections with more and more Christians while more and more evangelical Christians gain first-hand experience with Muslim refugees.

What it's about

Building relationships between people of different identities and experiences can be challenging. Many of our dinner guests may not have spent time with Muslim refugees, nor the refugees with evangelical Christians. We don’t pretend that there is a simple solution. Yet through interactions such as these, authentic relationships are made possible.

Support Stranger2Neighbor

Are you passionate about making strangers into neighbors?  By supporting this project financially, you'll help spread Stranger2Neighbor Suppers into more churches in our community and other cities around the country.