Luke 10 - And Who is my Neighbor?

Luke 10 was organized during the spring of 2020 by a group of Christian leaders to develop support from other leaders of Christian communities for the victims of COVID-19 in Muslim countries around the World.

Compassion Amidst Politics

The COVID-19 toll in Iran has been especially high. Research by Politico indicates that Iran suffers the worst economic impact in the world and the fifth worst public health impact.[i] The impoverished suffer most. Iran’s situation has to do with their government’s response and geopolitical factors that complicate their COVID-19 efforts. There are real issues of concern between the United States and Iran. Those issues are for our respective governments to work out. The tensions have boiled over into military encounters and threaten to escalate toward further violence even amidst this pandemic. We are concerned to express authentic Christian compassion in the midst of those politics. 


Give Now

100,000 masks.

12 cents a piece.

Starting now.

$12 provides 100 masks for the most vulnerable.

$20 provides xxx meals to vulnerable families whose livelihood has been undercut by COVID-19.

Elm City Vineyard Church has established a Luke 10 Fund.

Designate your gift to Luke 10.

Human compassion during these especially perilous times. Join us and other leaders in making this happen.

Elm City Vineyard Church has established a Luke 10 Fund (“And Who is my Neighbor?”) to receive donations:


Click here for the Elm City Vineyard Church Donation page and designate

your gift to “Luke 10.”



Make checks payable to Elm City Vineyard Church, write “Luke 10” on the

note line and send to:

Elm City Vineyard Church

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More Information on Luke 10

What it is

Jesus’ Great Commandment to, “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself,” has been central to Christian theology and practice since the time of the early church.  The Luke 10 parable of the Good Samaritan beautifully expresses this Christian theology and ethic. It calls us to reach out across social, ethnic and religious barriers to assist our neighbors, those who are in need. Now is the time for Christians to affirm our compassion for Muslims suffering at the hands of COVID-19 and all its externalities by sending urgently needed assistance and calling on our governments to adjust the implementation of any policies that hinder -- intentionally or otherwise -- humanitarian aid during this time of crisis.


What it is not

This is not political. There are real issues of geopolitical concern between the United States and Iran. Those issues are for our respective governments to work out.  We are concerned about expressing authentic Christian compassion despite and amidst those politics.  This is not sidestepping US government policy. It is respecting that policy. The modus for Luke 10 reaching the people of Iran does that.  Our financial support will be provided to Mothers Against Poverty (MAP).


MAP has been vetted by the US Department of Commerce and the US Department of the Treasury. The US government granted MAP the licenses necessary to transfer funds and aid from its 501(c)(3) organization in the US to Nikgaman Jamshid (Nikgaman), its working partner in Iran. The Department of Commerce and Department of the Treasury also vetted Nikgaman.  It is in no way connected with the government of Iran.  It operates independently in Iran, often in consultation with the “Iranian Red Crescent Society”, a long-standing organization in Iran that is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

For more information on Luke 10, its company statement and leadership team, contact John Hartley.